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All positions are on GRCh37.

GWAS was performed by fastGWA

List of brain imaging phenotypes

  • dMRI: 635 phenotypes
  • rs-fMRI(ICA): 191 phenotypes
  • sMRI: 376 phenotypes
  • rs/task-fMRI(G360): 309 phenotypes
  • heart: 82 phenotypes
  • shape: 294 phenotypes
  • eye: 217 phenotypes
  • dMRI parameters Explanation

    DTI Parameters Full Name Description
    FAfractional anisotropya summary measure of WM integrity
    MOmode of anisotropyaverage of the eigenvalues of the two secondary directions
    MDmean diusivitiesmagnitude of absolute directionality
    ADaxial diusivitieseigenvalue of the principal diusion direction
    RDradial diusivitiesthird moment of the tensor

    Change Log

    June 2020 (v1.0.0)

    Add phenotypes on sMRI, rs-fMRI

    Feb 2021 (v1.0.1)

    Update all phenotypes and add dMRI phenotypes

    Aug 2021 (v1.0.2)

    Update all phenotypes and add Heart and G360 fMRI phenotypes

    Oct 2022 (v1.0.3)

    Update all phenotypes and add shape and eye phenotypes


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